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How Does the Toyota C-HR Perform On the Road?

Toyota vehicles are well known for handling the road with confidence and versatility. It’s one of the reasons so many drivers have trusted Toyota vehicles for so long. With the 2018 Toyota C-HR, this dedication to reliability remains, and is further enhanced by modern technology.

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The 2018 Toyota Sienna Is Perfect for Modern Families

Nowadays we all have technology in our pockets. Whether you use a smartphone, a tablet, or something else keeping those devices charged on long road trips can be difficult.

With the 2018 Toyota Sienna, though, this is no issue. That is because this vehicle has been designed with multiple USB ports. This lets you charge your devices while you are on the go!

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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring With These Helpful Cleaning Tips

Winters in Spokane can be cold and harsh. With rain and snowfall, chances are your car is covered with dirt, grime, salt, and anything else that winter brings us. Some of us have taken our vehicles through a car wash throughout the winter, but let’s be honest. No one wants to do that when it’s so cold outside. Just like ridding your home of dirt accumulation after the long winter, it’s a great time to do the same to your car when spring arrives. Here are a few cleaning tips to get you started.

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Signs Your Toyota Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

Oil changes are one of the most routine services you can get for your Toyota vehicle. After you have driven your car for a while your oil will accrue sludge, dirt, and other particles that can harm your engine. Changing out this oil is vital to the longevity and safety of your vehicle.

How do you know when to change your vehicle, though?

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The 2018 Toyota Tundra Is a Unique Experience

If you are in the market for a new vehicle it can be difficult to find a vehicle that is just right for you. Here at Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane we know how vital it is to have a modern vehicle nowadays; that is why our team is here to help!

We have found that the best way to find a great vehicle is to experience it for yourself! Firsthand experience is the best way to figure out whether you like a vehicle, like the 2018 Toyota Tundra or not.

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Four Reasons Why You Should Hop on the SUV Bandwagon

When looking for a new vehicle, you want something that will fulfill all your needs. The sedan you’ve been eyeing might not meet the needs of you and your family. Why not consider a sports utility vehicle (SUV) instead? It might not be such a bad idea. Larger families need larger vehicles to accommodate everyone’s needs. Here are four reasons why a larger vehicle might be beneficial to your Spokane family. 

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Toyota Vehicles You Can Find That Have AWD or 4WD

When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you have to consider a variety of factors. What type of vehicle will best fit your needs and which one is best suited for the type of environment you are in. Since we are in the middle of winter, a vehicle with traction, extra wheel power, and better overall performance might be on your mind. All-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, which are available on several Toyota models, are great to have in the winter and year-round. So, which Toyota vehicles offer these options? Let’s take a look. 
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Understanding Safety Connect Technology In Your Toyota Vehicle

Your Toyota vehicle comes with a wide variety of technology that you can utilize on the road. It is important to understand how to utilize this technology so that you can enjoy your experience on the road.

One of these features is the Entune 3.0 Multimedia system and the Safety Connect technology. This video can show you how to use this technology and how it can help you on the road!

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Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane is your one-stop shop for quality Toyota vehicles. Not only do we sell cars, we also provide a full line of services dedicated to our Washington customers. Make the smart choice and choose us for all your automotive needs. 


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