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Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane Blog

One Buck Bonanza!

Here at Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota we have LOADED OUR LOT with a HUGE VEHICLE SELECTION right in time for our One Buck Bonanza New Car Sales Event!!! For three days, shop our huge selection of new Toyota cars, trucks and SUV's.

Scott Brewer, our General Manager made the announcement to host the One Buck Bonanza New Car Sales Event from Thursday, January 24, 2015 through Sunday, January 25, 2015

"This is not a joke or a gimmick. This is real," shared Brewer. "During our One Buck Bonanza Event, every single new vehicle on our lot will be clearly marked with incredibly low prices. Customers will be able to shop Highlanders, Tacomas, 4-Runners, Priuses, Corollas, Camrys - EVERYTHING! All you have to do is pick your vehicle and pay $1 over the lowest price we can offer. It's that simple.

We're located on the corner of 3rd and Jefferson in Downtown Spokane. All of our vehicles will be unlocked and ready to go at 9:00 am on Friday morning so that customers can arrive early and inspect them before the sale officially begins.

We have notified banks about our HUGE three-day new car sale. As a result, special financing and extended terms will be available specifically for this event. 

We really think it will be fun for everyone. Our hope is that people in the market will take advantage of this innovative sales approach and get into a great, new Toyota vehicle at a very low price with no hassle.

For questions or more information, Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota sales associates will be available at (509) 455-8770.

How to know your car battery needs to be replaced?

Of all the vital parts of a car, few are more important than the battery. The battery powers every electrical component in your car. Without it, not only would your headlights, windshield wipers, stereo, etc. stop working. You wouldn't be able to start your car at all. The bad news is, like every other battery, yours will need to be replaced. The good news is there are signs that your battery is getting to the point when it will need replacing. These may include your headlights not shining as brightly as usual, particularly when trying to start your car…
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When It's Time for a New Tire: How to Tell

Keeping your tires in good condition is a great way to ensure safety and make sure that your ride remains smooth. The following are three situations that indicate a need for a new tire:

A Bald Appearance

The tread on your tire should be up to the head on a penny if you stick the penny in between it. It may be time for new tires if you no longer have enough tread to insert the penny.

Bubbles and Deformities

You may need to buy new tires if you see any bubbles or deformities on one of them as well…

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Should You Go With Buying or Leasing a New Toyota?

When it is time to go look for a new car you will want to sit down and think, do I want to buy or lease?

If you are looking into buying a car you will own the vehicle and have the opportunity to keep it for as long as you wish. There may be a slightly larger monthly payment over leasing, but eventually, you will own the vehicle. The great part is that you can put on as many miles on this vehicle and not be penalized. Once your loan term is over, you will not have any additional…

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Winter blues are a thing of the past with the Toyota RAV4

Winter blues aren't welcome around Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane, which is why we proudly stock the 2017 Toyota RAV4. The Toyota RAV4 is ready to switch up your driving experience for the better and also inspire you to take your adventures to another level.


A photo posted by toyotausa (@toyotausa) on

The Toyota RAV4 moves swiftly and easily, always allowing for you to navigate any road during all conditions without a hitch.

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Learn the Simplicity of Changing Your Own Wiper Fluid

When it comes to self-maintaining your vehicle, there are plenty of things we can all do, and one of the easiest is replenishing our wiper fluid in our vehicles. It doesn't take long, and is simple and easy, which is why at Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane, we've highlighted the steps so you can do it yourself.

  • Open up the hood of your vehicle, and find the washer fluid reservoir, which is…
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Visit Our Brand New Dealership

Our new dealership is right next door to our previous location and have been designed with you in mind. 

1) All new, state of the art showroom and service facility 
2) 2-lane service drive
3) Easy dealership access with ample customer parking
4)Twice the new vehicle inventory for an amazing selection of new Toyotas -- all with grand opening savings
5) Deluxe customer lounge with Wi-Fi and complimentary refreshments 
6) Complimentary service shuttle
7) Complimentary…

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Toyota: Proud Sponsor of Career Spark for Military Spouses

When your husband or wife is in the military, it can be a career that takes a lot out of you as well. Often there are frequent moves, sometimes overseas, and it can be challenging, if not downright impossible to find a job that will work for you and your family.

Enter Career Spark.


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